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ARRL HF Contesting Guidelines and Other Tips

This page is intented to provide guidance and advice, especially for new hams and new contesters, and to encourage contest operation that advances the spirit and integrity of radiosporting.  The materials presented herein are facts, opinions and best practices, as compiled by seasoned contesters who are members of the ARRL Contest Advisory Committee. The Ethics and Operating Procedures document below is published by the ARRL and describes the behaviors expected of all hams.

1.)  The Contesting Compendium - The Contesting Compendium is a Wiki Site dedicated to contesting. LOTS of useful information here. Start with the Table of Contents and drill down on the various sections.

2.)  Florida Contest Group (FCG) Contest Do's and Don't's - FCG Contesting Tips

3.)  ZS1AN Contesting FAQ -

4.)  The SPRINT Survival Web Page -

5.)  Sleep Strategy for DX Contests -

6.)  Potomac Valley Radio Club Webinars -

7.)  Ethics and Operating Procedures for the Radio Amateur -

8.)  Contesting and RTTY by Dan Murphy, K7IA  -  Contesting and RTTY - The Basics

9.)  Website Dedicated to RTTY Contesting -

10.)  Keys to Successful DX'ing - The New DXer's Handbook , Second Edition

11.)  N1MM+ -  Tips and Tricks

12.)  ARRL Sweepstakes Tips - ARRL Sweepstakes - by Joe Pescatore, K3TN

13.)  Tennessee Contest Group - Contesting 101 - by Kirk Pickering, K4RO

14.)  RFI Resolution Information - A Ham's Guide to RFI, Ferrite Chokes, Baluns, and More - by Jim Brown, K9YC

15.)  Easy CW Sending - The Secrets of Easy Morse Code Sending - Bill Sepulveda - K5LN

16.)  Contesting Code of Ethics - The Contesting Code of Ethics - Annotated

17.)  Contesting Glossary - The Contesting Glossary 2019 - by Patrick Barkey - N9RV

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  Club Contact Info:
Dr. Larry S. Anderson
, NN5O
P. O. Box 2393 -- Tupelo, MS  38803
662.844.9630 (Voice & FAX) -- 662.321.0677 (Cell)
  Vice-President:  Jim Rosser, AA5W
41501 Andover Ct. -- College Station, TX 77845
979-255-2684 (Voice & FAX)
  Secretary/Treasurer/Webmaster:  John.L. McVey, K4AFE
410 Jerri Ann Rd, Lexington, TN  38351
731-249-5115 (Voice & FAX) -- 731-415-2397 (Cell)