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Steeped in strong southern tradition, the Deep Dixie Contest Club was formed in 2012. We enthusiastically promote national and international friendships through contesting, DXing, and rag-chewing, using all modes of amateur radio communication. We gladly welcome all ham operators who not only share a passion for amateur radio, but who also strive to advance public knowledge of our hobby, participate in DX activity, and foster mutual interest and comradeship.

Our charter members are primarily located in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Louisiana, but our club members are located all over the U.S. and the World. We gladly welcome any hams who embrace and demonstrate the courtesy, grace and charm of the southern US. 

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          Deep Dixie Contest Club Members
  Larry S. Anderson * NN5O (MS) - President
  Steve Bolia N8BJQ (OH)
  Lee Buller K0WA (KS)
  Tor Clay * N4OGW (MS)
  Kathleen Duke * K5KKD (MS)
  Mike Duke * K5XU (MS)
  Ed Gilliland W5TM (OK)
  Giuseppe Giunta IT9VDQ (IT)
  Alf Indelicato IT9MUO (IT)
Ron Koenig WV4P (TN)
  Tim Kresky AB0S (KS)
  Kat Latham KM4ATT (PA)
  Mike Marx WB0SND (MO)
  Mason Matrazzo KM4SII (NC)
  John McBee K5RM (AR)
  John L. McVey * K4AFE (TN) - Secretary
  Ken Mills N5EE (AR)
  Chuck Moffatt * N5VGK (MS)
  Joe Moffatt * AB5OR (MS)
  Bryant Rascoll KG5HVO (AL)  
  Fritz Reuning K4OAQ (TN)  
  Jim Rosser AD5TT (TX) - Vice-President  
  David Samu VE7DZO (BC)
  Chuck Sanders NO5W (LA)
  Gary Stone N5PHT (TX)
  Gary Van Winkle * K5KU (LA)
  * Charter Members    
            DDCC Constitution and By-Laws   Last revised 10/22 2018

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  Club Contact Info:
Dr. Larry S. Anderson
, NN5O
P. O. Box 2393 -- Tupelo, MS  38803
662.844.9630 (Voice & FAX) -- 662.321.0677 (Cell)
  Vice-President:  Jim Rosser, AD5TT
41501 Andover Ct. -- Colege Station, TX 77845
979-255-2684 (Voice & FAX)
  Secretary/Treasurer/Webmaster:  John.L. McVey, K4AFE
410 Jerri Ann Rd, Lexington, TN  38351
731-249-5115 (Voice & FAX) -- 731-415-2397 (Cell)